Modeling then animating water.

I’m attempting to render a short animation for a commercial with blender. I need to create realistic water, but not sure how to go about doing it. I’m assuming I need to use a particle system but could someone step me through what to do? I believe the hardest thing is going to be making it LOOK realistic, if anyone has had any experience please let me know what material settings etc you used.

First I just want to know how to model it, then I’ll worry about the animation side of it.

Thanks! should be just perfect for you :slight_smile:

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I’ll give it a spin, thanks for the reply!

There are two water turorials here:

Thanks for the links guys, but I’m looking for water more like this photo:


This kind of water may be nearly impossible, but I’d like to give it a try. If it isn’t possible then I can film that part and stick a 3d scene into the movie. That may work.

I can see you being able to make simple wavy water easily, and spashes relatively easy (both misty and globby water spashes). The problem is that if you want it to look realistic the rendering time is going to be very heavy, now hyperealistic stuff like what you showed us is best to do in real life :). Most studios use compositing anyway, so that’s what I would recommend. You will know when you have done something right because it will look good and not take too long to render.

Still, if anybody has any suggestions, let me know.

As far as render time goes, I’ll ignore that for now as the first renders won’t have to be very big at all. Is there a way to render an animation with blender across a network of say, 30 computers?

I can’t offer any specific help, but I’ve been thinking about how to do something similar for a while now. I’ve done some simpler water styles, but nothing of this complexity yet. Eventually there are two scenes I’d like to be able to create: one is the spray created by a water ski, and the other is an underwater view of a breaking wave. Your project looks like a combination of the two.

One bit of feedback I’d pass along is that I haven’t been impressed with alot of the water shaders I’ve seen. IMHO this is mostly because the water object they create is a single layer. I’ve had better results using 2 or more layers to simulate depth.

I think there are 3 things I’d try to assemble: one is the refraction and lighting of the still water (maybe with a couple transparent layers), another is the “boiling” surface (some animated bump, reflection and refraction maps) and finally the water drops/bubbles (I’m thinking a particle system that will use blobs).

With out a doubt, it would be much faster (and easier) to just shoot some video, but if time and CPU power are of no object, then good luck and remember to let us know how it goes.


About network rendering: There is the Piovra Project, a network rendering script, and there is instinctive-blender, a separate branch of Blender produced by intrr that has network rendering hard-coded into it. (I haven’t tried either yet, though, so I can’t recommend one over the other. Also don’t ask me for any help with either of them.)