*Modeling to one point, creates fan-like issues???

I’m creating a button for the iPhone, so it has a sort of a contact lens like look. I took a circle, and extruded it inwards twice and then collapsed it into one point in the center (removing doubles). I have a subsurf modifier… but, you’ll see in my attachment how it gets wrinkled towards the center.

Is there an easier way to accomplish this?

I’ve used Levels in Pshop to exaggerate

the image to better show.

The problem is your step where you merged all the points into the center generated a bunch of triangles. Triangles don’t play nice with sub-surf.

You just need to go into your mesh and merge the triangles into quads. In “face mode” just select two adjacent triangles and hit ALT+J to turn them into a single quad. Repeat with all the remaining triangles.

You’re a genius!:RocknRoll: