modeling top of curved wall

I am trying to model the top surface of a curved wall that has trim extruding, I’ve tried several things but I get a complex mess. thx!

Either from the side & extrude or creating a profile lofting it on a path. Which is better kinda depends on the complexity of the bevel - irl, such a piece would have a beveled edge of somekind.

Edit: Like this. I drew a curve in top view, then under curve attributes, extrude & bevel to match width and such, then converted it into a mesh. Took like a minute or two. :slight_smile:

But OMG the curve tool in Blender sux… It works. But it sux. Badly. :ba:

Here is my CAD approach using the spin tool:

  1. In front view, create your profile.
2. In side view, locate the spin centres and well simply SPIN!

I’ve added loops in these images to clean up the geometry. The topology is not perfect, but it certainly works.

As Mats Halldin saw, that form is made out of 2 equal circles. So, if you construct 2 concentric ones, duplicate them and move on z axis, it’s just a matter of erasing not needed vertices from that ‘8’ form shape. Some extrusions, scale z0 to get flat bottom part, and you’re done with it. To get inset part on wall (which is kinda seen there) following bent top you could make even more concentric rings initially. Unfortunately Loop tools Bridge don’t work for a bmesh right now…

I make the cap and wall a separate object. It’s easy to modify and keep poly count low.

Rail Cap is made of plane with Sharp Edge control. Modifier used are Subsurf, Solidify to control thickness, and Edge Split to sharpen edges.

Thanks for the ideas.

I originally started with a Blender path and worked with that but that looked bad. I used the methods above and it came out good, now to polish it up.