Modeling Tree

I have that image and want to create tree from it. Is there any easy way?

does it need to look exactly like that? there is a new plugin that will make a tree pretty much to exact specifications, but unfortunately, there is not documentation on it at this time. but, if it doesn’t have to be that exact thing, try either the gen3 tree generating plugin, or, the standalone program by the same guy, called ’ ngplant '. the first one can be found in the python and plugins forum, and i think the standalone is in the other software forum. the other option, depending on what kind of scene you are making, is to use alpha textures. the advantage of this, is, it’s much more low poly. one plane as opposed to the thousands that make up a tree. you can make such textures by making a tree, and rendering it as a .png, with the RGBA button pressed. then you can load that as an image texture, and click ‘use alpha’ in the textures buttons. if you have a lot of trees in your scene, this can be a good way to go.