Modeling trees

I know there are python scripts to deal with the issue, but are there in good ways to model trees by hand?

Agh…I wish I knew…I’ve been looking everywhere for a good way to model trees. Sorry that I can’t help :(…


There’s not an easy way to explain how to model trees by hand, but if you wait a couple days I’ll have a video tutorial out on how to do just that :wink:

Oops, double posted the above ^

I don’t know if this is a good way, but it is a way.

Start with a hexagon (6 sided circle) in top view. In side view, extrude upward. Make an edge between opposite vertices and subdivide multi to get two new vertices on the edge. Now you have two 6 sided figures, and can extrude each up in different directions. Make one more or less up, and the other more or less out to the side. Adjust the inner two vertices (the vertices created by the subdivide) to round out the two branches and to make it look like the smaller is growing out of the larger. (Usually have to move them up some.)

Do the same thing again, only after spliting the hexagons in top view, switch to front view instead of side view, to get the branches moving out in all directions.

After you’ve done this three times, and you have a trunk and five or six or seven branches, instead of splitting the hexagons on the ends of the branches, duplicate the whole tree, scale it down, and attach the duplicate to the end of the trunk or a branch.

After a while, your tree begins to look like this:

Each time, you duplicate the whole tree or a part of it, scale it down, and attach the duplicate to a branch end. Eventually, you’ll have twigs. Attach a spray of leaves to the twigs. Voila: a tree. Built by hand.

The point is, trees are fractal. Keep building your tree so any empty space in either side, front or top view is filled with the next branch you attach.

Quite frankly, building a tree this way gives you a great appreciation for people who write tree generation scripts, since it is incredibly tedious.