Modeling trick needed!

How can i make all the vertex in A align with vertex in B along the Y axis.
Since i cannot Ctrl + Z now, i wanna know if there any trick can help?

You could try deleting those faces, and then extruding along the X axis.

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damn it… that’s nice solution…
I am stuck on how to fix it rather than a simple way to recreate it!
Appreciate it!

Yeah, it’s always preferred to be able to directly solve a problem, but sometimes indirectly solving it eliminates the need for an edge case operator/tool that you would use only once in a while.

I’m sure an add-on could be written to do exactly what you need.

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Another solution is to scale the vertices with snapping:

  • Snap 3D cursor appropriately at the inner edge (we only need the cursor’s Y location in this case)
  • Set transform pivot to ‘3D Cursor’
  • In snapping options, enable Vertex, set ‘Snap with’ to ‘Active’ and in ‘Affect’ enable ‘Scale’
  • Make sure the active vertex is the outermost one
  • Scale along Y axis while snapping to a “good” outermost vertex

Wow, that looks cool, i knew there should be a trick can do this, thanks for letting me know!

Also try to stay in orthographic mode ( Numpad 5 > 1,3,7) often as it prevents you to crash all 3 axis at once. Only use G > Axis, and activate vertex or edge snapping additionally.

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That is a nice trick!