Modeling tut reference pics...

Hi all…

I`m wondering if anybody that has tried or completed the Porsche 911 GT3 RS modeling tutorial by Jonathan Williamson:

Would still have (or know where to get) the reference photos that were used in the tut as the links to them on the tut page are dead…

I know this is a bit of a shot in the dark but thought it was worth asking just in case.

I asked Jonathan on twitter but he no longer has the reference pics either. :frowning:

If any car modelers have any other good Porsche 911 reference pics I`d appreciate them being posted up…

I hope someone can help.



Maybe ask Johnathon if he could just use his model to take new reference pics?

Thanks for the reply Rich33584.

Yeh I could maybe do that but not sure if he still has his model… I think the tut was from a while ago (Blender version is 2.49)

I don`t suppose it could hurt to ask though…

Ive been looking for car tuts (that go through everything and explain actions/buttons used etc in detail) for a while now and Jonathans tut does that very well, its just what I was looking for, but, for someone thats just learning all this like me, it makes things a lot more difficult not having the photos that were used in in the tut.

Ive been searching the web for days now :spin: trying to find either the pics that were used or other pics that I could try and use but not found much so far... there are millions of Porsche 911 GT3 RS pics out there, obviously, but I find a nice front on view of one car but then cant find side on views etc of the same car.

Ive also searched for blueprints and found a lot of them too but when talking to experienced car modelers, some have said that blueprints that are just found online very often arent all that accurate…

The search goes on…

Yeh I could maybe do that but not sure if he still has his model… I think the tut was from a while ago (Blender version is 2.49)
The source files for part 10 have the model which you could use for rendering reference images

I can`t seem to find any source files along with part 10 or any other part for that matter…

The “Download Files” option is grey`d out.

I have not seen the tut, so I don’t know exactly what you are tyring to do. But here you can find good enough plans for most Porsches, and here is the model you ref’d, although you will have to hunt around for all three views or use a slightly different model perhaps, I wonder if you can use these?

Many thanks DruBan. Ill check out the blueprints and see if theres anything I can try and work with.

Loads of good stuff on the blueprints site, I actually just came across it myself yesterday.


Not sure if you’re still looking, but after going over my old tutorial library, I found the references for Jonathon’s tutorial, and stuck them in Dropbox: