Modeling using simulation

hi all,
Suppose i am using game engine to create a model like balls falling from a height to a bowel so that no balls will intersect each other when they come to rest to form a physically correct model.
I created one ball and duplicated it as linked objects to create few more balls and placed a bowel bellow to form the catcher. The simulation went fine, then animated the process using alt+A from frames 1 to 500.
The problem is, how do i append or link the final object created in this process to another file, since the final object is in the frame 500, when i append or link the object, i will only get the starting object which is on frame 1.
please help…
i tried deleting the ipo curves in frames before the final using script ‘clear animation curves’ but it doesn’t helped.

after a lot of search and experiments i got the solution

for blender2.5 it is pretty easy
just go to dope sheet, box select unwanted frames , hit delete.
for blender2.49 we can use this script to freeze a particular (current) frame.
attachment contains example scene
if you know any simple solution, please let me know.

import bpy
from Blender import IpoCurve, Draw, Window , Get
import time

def main():
    XSTART = 0
    XENSON = Get("curframe") - 1
    XOFSET = 1

    curr_scene =
    ipos =[]
    for ob in curr_scene.objects.context:
        ipo = ob.ipo
        if ipo:
    for ipo in ipos:
        if ipo.lib: continue
        for icu in ipo:
            bezierPoints =  icu.bezierPoints
            XLENGH = len(bezierPoints)
            XSUBT1 = XENSON - XSTART
            XSUBT2 = XLENGH - XENSON  - XOFSET
            if XLENGH > 1 :        
                for x in range(XSUBT1):
                for x in range(XSUBT2):

if __name__ == '__main__':


frametest.blend (877 KB)