Modeling Wine Glass Thickness

I’m searching for a way to model nicely a wine (champagne) glass. Everything is fine except the inside middle tickless part.

I’ve created the glass with extrusion from a circle.

I’ve used subsurf and solidify (which was fine) and I’ve tried to extrude in the middle of the glass, to close the glass. No luck

So the solidify modifier works fine, but I don’t know how to close correctly and smoothly the glass in the middle.

So my question is quite simple, how to create the inside bottom of a glass like this one ?

At rendering, it sucks and create strips on the class.

Here’s the blend file :!CxcCTaAS!lONAOw2I9FwbMUVjX2JSqDuLplq033PCVNATRFyyA10

Thanks for your help !

It seems the easiest way would be to create the profile of the glass and then just spin it around. Create the profile in Front Orthogonal view and then spin it 360 degrees around the z axis. Then select all verts and Remove Doubles. Then you can apply a subsurf and glass material.

Thanks for your help I will model it that way, seems easier.

Yes, dunawayc is correct. In fact the wine glass is the classic example of doing a spin operation in 3D.