Modeling with a wireframe picture as base

Hi, so, I wanted to replicate a model from one of my favorite games (Tomba 2 for PSX) and the only idea I had was to run the game on an emulator, use a wireframe mode, take a screenshot of that, remove all unwanted lines with photoshop and use it as a template:

At first the idea sounded easy for me, but started trying… And well, I don’t know how to create the parts in the correct shape and in the correct place (I’m very new to 3d modeling)

Is there any way to make this easier? I can’t figure out how…

did you look at grease pencil anim in blender ?

happy bl

Well, I only know how to use the grease pencil with the BLAM addon to calculate perspective.
My problem is that even if I create a polygon with the correct shape, It will not be okay because I can’t have a side perspective of the model (No camera rotation in that game) so it’s always out of place.
P.S: Maybe this is the easiest thing in the world but I’m very unexperienced with modeling and it’s very possible that I’m missing something essential to do it exact.

While playing the game, Pause and take some screenshots of the character. Front, sides, back etc. Import them into Blender using some Image Empty’s.

This the fella?