Modeling with Bezier and NURBS

I’ve been reading Blender for Dummies for a bit now and I’ve been stuck on Bezier Curves and NURBS and what not. I’ve spent nearly a week trying to work through what it tells me to do in the book and I can’t even do that.

Seriously I need help so I looked through Google and found a preview of the book. I need some help with pages 115 through 123. Could someone please instruct a newbie on how all of this works and how the guy has made these models using surfaces and curves and the methods he lists. No matter what I try I cannot get the hang of it and so I hope that whomever reads this will please respond and help me out. I’m dying to progress in Blender and Bezier and NURBS are very important. Please help. Thanks.

Can you describe the problem you are having, specifically? I’m sure many people around here would be willing to help, it’s just that your question is very general.

Is it something with BevOb you don’t get? To use a Bevel Object, you need to type it’s name into the BevOb text box in the curve options. If you want to edit a curve in more then two dimensions, you need the 3D button enabled in the curve options. Hope that helps.

Well you see with BevOb and TaperOb i can never get anything to turn out the way I want it or the way it did in the guide nor can I even get the basic shape of the canoe in the guide either with NURBS curves. I guess really I am just asking for a better explanation and someone to teach me about curves because it seems to be my biggest weakness in Blender so far. I just need a teacher of sorts. A tutor. Curves in general. I just need help. How do they work. How do I work bevob and tapob and how do i use nurbs surfaces curves and surfaces and bezier curves and circles. i need serious help.

Sometimes things can go a bit funny if you don’t apply any transforms you do. Say for example, you create a bezier curve and a bezier circle, and rotate it. You then, need to apply that transform (the rotationof the circle) by pressing CTRL-a and selecting from the pop up menu, visual transform. Maybe upload a blend file, otherwise, it’s just shooting in the dark.

So what you are saying is that the if I am usting a curve to define a bevob in an object, say a bezier circle. then I need to have the back of the curve lined up with the center of the object and if I make any transformations of the circle or the curve then I need to apply it to the other bezier as well in order to get the desired effect? Also, I can’t seem to understand what I am making when using bevob and taperob, I just have to guess and I really don’t get how it could be useful. I can get how nurbs would work but it seems like nurbs is hard to control as well. Are these really supposed to be that difficult?

So I guess that I am not going to get any help.