modeling with grid

Hi ! I need to model with girds and the only way to do that is first I have to change my objects pivot point first and that snap my cursor to the grid and than snap my object to the grid, which is a long winged. Why can’t they make the mouse cursor to auto snap to grid? Is there any other way to work with girds?

In the User Preferences Window (pull down the top buttons window) Under Views & Controls there is a “Snap to grid” option for grab/move/rotate/scale . Select which ever you want . If you select grab/move your selected vertex will snap to grid automatically as you move it . This has its limitations (like if you zoom way out) .

EDIT: Of course there is also the simple method of pressing down on the Ctrl button while grab/moving/scaling/rotating to snap to grid if you don’t want to have the above always on too .

Just be aware that snap-to-grid is a relative thing; it snaps to increments of one or 0.1 relative to your starting point.

To get on the global grid in the first place you need to do Shift-S + “Selection -> Grid”, or hit N and type things in there. (You can type things in after hitting G, too, but they’ll be all relative again.)