Modeling with n-gons

Until today, I didn’t know it was possible for blender to use n-gons. I looked up how to turn two triangles into a quad and found that it’s also possible to have n-gon shapes. I was modeling a character and in several places I had some n-gons. Later I tried to use the shrinkwrap modifier for the character’s cloth and found that it wouldn’t work. I couldn’t understand why, but figured it might have had something to do with the fact that I used some n-gons instead of the traditional quads and triangles. Later when I animate my character, is this going to be a problem? I don’t want to rig the whole thing and then find out that I have to redo my modeling because I can still add an armature.


Blender only supports triangles and quads, it does not support N-gons. It allows you to change the appearance of a group of triangles and quads so the interior edges aren’t displayed - these are F-gons (the F stands for “fake”). They are not true N-gons. If you use them, you should be aware that your model may not behave as you expect when you deform it. To be safe, try not to use them.

Okay thanks,
sorry, it does say f-gon, not n-gon.


Bmesh project will bring true N-Gons to blender soon. I Hope.