Modeling with uniform triangles

Hi all, it’s been a while… I need to model a shape that looks like a pear, but I want it to consist of little triangles that are all the same size (and thus the vertices should be distributed evenly. I suspect I can do it with a square, just by subdividing, but how do I get a round, pear shape with the same results?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Model everything with quads, spaced evenly, then in Edit mode hit Ctrl-T to convert quads to tri’s. (shouldn’t it be Skaapie?)


But how do I space everything evenly?
What I originally did was to create a circle, extrude it, resize it and kept going like this. I got a reasonably good result, but I don’t think the same approach will work. Maybe I can create a sphere, and then form it to a more pear shape? That might be better don’t you think? I’m sure there are enough molding tools for this type of thing…

(shouldn’t it be Skaapie?)
Skapie is correct. It means little sheep… what does skaapie mean? like skaa music and pie? :stuck_out_tongue:

the difference between Dutch and Africaans isnt it?

Crude way: start with an icosphere mesh, which is all triangles. You’ll need pretty high subdivision if you want all the triangles about the same area. Scale/drag the bottom part to make the pear shape. Select all vertices, then in the Editing panels press the Smooth button (not Set Smooth) several times to make the tri’s more uniform.

Create two metaballs. Scale one to be larger than the other. Make the resolution high. Convert to mesh.

Unfortunately, this won’t give you even tris. Why do you need evenly distributed tris anyway?

thanks for the replies.
I’ll play around with the ideas and see what I come up with.

Why do you need evenly distributed tris anyway?
Well I’m using the mesh in Ogre and trying to simulate real time softbody effects. When you push against it, it has to squish, so although uniform tris arent essential, it will make the effect look the same on any point of the mesh…

I’d use the beutiful Icosphere, or rather, two of them. How big do you want the triangles to be? Create two Icosheres, one at res 2, one, half the size, at res 1 - so the tri’s are the same size. They are the same object. The small one is above the large one Rotate so each has a vertex between 5 tri’s pointing up. deleate the top 5 tri’s of the bottom Icosphere and the bottom 5 tri’s of the top icoshpere. Slide one onto the other, and merge the vertex’s.

This will create a pair of close to equelateral triangles.