Modeling without the pivolt cursor, how is it done?

Hi, am new to blender but having gone through some good tutorials, i am already gaining the ground.

I have noticed some interesting modeling technics were the 3d cursor is not visible but instead cursor appears like a cross and one can draw new edges with it. I also watched a video called “Creating a Burlap Teddy Bear in blender Part 1” on youtube using the same type of modeling without the usual 3d pivot cursor.

How is it done?



You can toggle on/off the 3d widget with Ctrl+Spacebar. In edit mode your curser has the cross shape

Thank you Richard. That helped.

The 3d-cursor is actually the round red-white cursor that IS visible. Hiding the arrows-widget is pretty common, I think. With G/R/S X/Y/Z and other transformation shortcuts it just doesn’t add very much.

To “draw new edges”, you can either select a vertex and hit E to extend a new edge from it, or ctrl+left click to extend an edge to the current cursor position.

Some times when you need to select particular feature close to the widget, it get in the way. And, it’s difficult to select what you need to select behind the widget. Not showing the widget is a must for that case.