Modeling women see through lingeries

It is a broad term, though- there’s hundreds of different kinds of lace, millions of different appearances, dozens of different manufacturing methods- it can be knitted, crocheted, woven, needlepointed, etc. Even your website has thousands of different styles of lace. I know what lingerie is, I think our misunderstanding here is that you are saying you want “lingerie style lace” and I’m saying that can mean pretty much anything, there’s no standard practices for lingerie construction. If you give us a specific image of the exact lace you’re looking to replicate, we can help you. Otherwise, we’re just trying to read your mind, and that’s not easy to do :sweat_smile:

Please share a specific image- if it’s one with nudity, that’s fine, you won’t get in trouble, I’ll just add the NSFW tag to this post

I thought you ment lingerie since you mentioned it, but I quess you ment use in lingerie desing as lace then yeah it’s very broad term indeed my bad :slight_smile:

Well normally with women lingerie it’s almost all of the time some sort of flower pattern so that type I’m looking for and yeah the second link I look it more thoroughly and hehe it’s lace set not a blouse :smiley:
very good looking set, but the price is kind of hmmm since I need to buy the extend license, but then again 40 patterns with normal maps and what not it’s pretty good price :slight_smile:

Chuckle… You don’t have any female friends to borrow from? Borrow some lace and take your own pictures. Even your mom might have something for research purposes.
Seems you have specifics in mind. Make that happen on your own if you aren’t willing to part with funds.

And just to add…
You could blend two pics for this purpose - a checker box for the see through part and a flower - combine those to make your own lace. Get an approximation in a paint program and send to blender. Look at the lace online for inspiration on how to build it in a paint app.

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Gimp will allow you to specify which color is the alpha channel when saving to PNG.

Materialize will create the Height, Normal, Metalness, Smoothness, Edge, and AO maps

Also if you go to the Artstation Store…there are a bunch of different types of LACE for sale at low prices and a lot of them have a free test package… pre-made in Tiff or PNG…you would still need the Normal Maps ( back to Materialize) BTW it is FREE also…and so is Gimp…


I don’t know any woman who do laces.
Internet has many designs I have already chekced out.

I know of gimp I have tested and materialize I haven’t, but I don’t think I need them anymore.
I bought yesterday couple different lace packs and I think I have now more than enough of laces
to desing what ever I want :slight_smile:

Packs I bought are

40 Lace Fabric Texture + SBSR - VOL 06 by Milad Kambari (Suggested by josephhansen, thanks for that!)

110 lace Border (tileable) vol.1 by XIGMA Studio

Fabric Vol 12 - Lace Appliques by Carel Jordaan

So basically there is 3 type of laces which should give me all the possibilites to design what ever I need :slight_smile: