Modeling work: vacuum cleaner towers

I need someone to model, texture and set up lighting these vacuum cleaner buildings for me. I have like around 15-30 of them with slight variations.

I am willing to pay for 250-350 USD for all of them to be modelled, textured and lit. Looking for experienced 3d modeler.


That is all the specification about this project?
Or do you have more reference?

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Variations of what, of other building models you have or designs (references) for the creation of it??

What the texture style (PBR or non PBR)??

What’s the deadline you would expect for an individual? (2 weeks, a month, 3 months etc)??

The rate is per each building/tower or for the entire project with how many variations of these towers??


Sounds like a cool project. What is the schedule?


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