Modeling Zero's head

Hey I’m trying to model the head for this but I’m not really sure how to go about it, Should I do the skin seperate from the helmet because when I tried it ended up kind of looking like ET :slight_smile:


Are you a 3D beginner? If so, my advice is to put this on hold, dig into the basics, and come back to this later or it’s bound to become a project that frustrates you to the point where you give up on it. Something that is a combination of such organic lines and hard edges is certainly not a first character project.

I’m sort of new :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve made some organic things and was doing well on the rest of this but I just wasn’t sure how to figure out the head lol what would you suggest I start with if I put this on hold?

If you’re just doing the head I think you would be fine with this project, but I agree that making the whole thing would be quite an undertaking. But if you broke everything down into manageable pieces and kept your scene organized, you could probably make the whole thing after a lot of work and trial and error. But that’s how you learn. Even if you never finish it you’ll learn some new things along the way.

Anyway, to answer your initial question, I would make the skin separate, then model the helmet. The head is one object, and the helmet is another. Think of how it would be in real life. If necessary, he probably could pull his helmet off, meaning it is a separate piece. The same goes for a lot of the other elements in his outfit.

The main problem with modeling drawn character like this is that it is not accurate. Character detail proportions are tweaked on each view to make it look good as an image. If you just model from the views, nothing really lines up.

So, for modeling, you really need to picture in your mind how this character is going to look like in 3D. The helmet consists of many protruding parts. It’s complicated. Try to work with simplified geometry. Get an idea of how polygons should be arranged. Here is my rough try: