Does anyone know how I can model hair like this?

I guess you can just start with a plane, solidify and using bevels (+subsurf if needed) to get the look.
Sure needs some play around with if you want to avoid sculpt at last.

wicked_hair.blend (130.2 KB)

You know, I knew it was gonna come to this I mean “Playing around”. I really was just looking for a step by step tutorial on how to do it. I guess you can’t always get everything on a platter of gold. Thanks for the tips man.

I never seen a tutorial for hair like this. It does not looks like its done the normal solution with curves, it looks like made in one solid piece. I could be done like in my example. The other way it could be possible done with the method arimus does some hard surfaces with curvy parts, maybe this helps too:

Thanks for the help man really appreciate it. I think I know what to do now, I’ll upload an an image of the result when I’m done. Thanks again.

Take a look at this:

Blender Tutorial I Hair With Curves In Blender 2.9

This I can do. But the hair in the image wasn’t done with curves it’s more of mesh modeling. Thanks anyways

You can convert curves to mesh.

Try a search on youtube for polygon hair.

I would assume it’s sculpting + curves and then manual retopology into one solid and clean piece.