hello guys, i´m from brazil and i´m new in blender, i just know how to model basic things and i want to begin modeling characters, someone can help me, because i dont know form where to begin and i dont find tutorials for this


Here is a link to a site that has a tutorial on how to model and animate a gingerbread man . Not quite a fully-realistic human, but everyone has to start somewhere :).

I begin with the “Building a Castle” tutorial and than I read the “Blender Basics” pdf ebook. I think its a good start… :slight_smile:
All you can find on site.

hey how come my gingerbread man splits in half huh help

check out the modelling thread in my sig.

thimatos welcome! I am also from Brazil. :smiley:

My sugestion is: look for all kinds of modeling tutorials, even non-Blender ones. The technique does not depend on the software, but on the person who use it. Basicaly, all programs have the same tools and you will probably be able to use other tuts with Blender. That’s how I started. Of course you will benefit from Blender tuts, what I am saying is: learn the technique. Once you are used to the program interface, it will easy.

Here is one great tut for 3dsmax that helped me a lot. It explains the way to model a nice female caracter. You just have to adapt to Blender (not difficult at all). If have any question, post it and we will try to help.

shoujoboy please post an image or explain better what happened to your gingerbread man, so we can help you.

You may want to check out these tutorials:

They are Blender oriented and they are written by one of the best character modellers we have in Blender’s community…

They do require a basic knowledge and some modeling experience with Blender though, so I suggest (depending how well you know the program) to go through the basic stuff before you deal with those tutorials…

I love Rivaldo… :wink:

Good luck… :smiley: