OK I’ve been trying so hard googling images and things of that such but I can’t seem to find out how to model more complicated things such as animals, humans, and machines. This brings out a lot of frustaration and I can’t figure out these things.
If you guys can’t give me those types of tutorial links then could you give me a website that shows top, front, side and back pictures so I can obsereve it.

Thanks but I can’t seem to make the head in this tutorial. It is pretty hard too any suggestions?

One possibility for getting decent front, side and top views is to roll your own. Download DAZ studio and their free male and female models. Use the DAZ renders as references for Blender.

Just out of curiosity, do you post any images of your work in progress? It may be some simple thing you are overlooking that would be clear to someone who’s “been there, done that” when they see the image of the mesh you’re having problems with. But it’s pretty hard to tell from just reading “can’t seem to make the head…”

Anyway, the Joan of Arc tutorial is 3dmax specific, and the Character Modeling tutorial is for Silo. Joan of Arc is a great tutorial, but you have to translate from the 3dmax instructions to how to do the same thing in Blender. That might be tough if you’re struggling in Blender. Ditto the Silo tutorial. So what did you do to piss JDA off so much? [ :wink: kidding!!]

Have you tried the BSoD Intro to Character Animation? The first half is all about modeling a humanoid character. You don’t have to do the animation part if you’re not interested in that aspect.

Thanks for the tutorial and I’m doing it right now but I want to know if you have any detailed tutorials that can help model things like vehicles, animals, and other objects with complicity to them.

I don’t know of any Blender specific car modeling tutorials, but I’ve seen a few for other software. Can’t give you a site, because my interest is mainly organic modeling, so I don’t track the mechanical stuff. You might try starting a new thread with “How to Model a Car” as the title, to get the attention of the car modeling buffs. They’d probably be able to help you out more.

Hey I know this may sound stupid but can blender count faces or vertices because in order to make things I need to know the amount of faces?Tthey updated the wiki noob to pro site see.

IT is updated and can teach you more.