I’ve been a bit bored and I want to work on some skills, so I started modeling some stuff.

First (only for now) Sword

Any thoughts would be nice (and suggestions for other props)

That looks pretty good. Now try adding some detail to the handle and hilt.

What kind of details? I wanted a relatively basic sword. Thanks for the feedback.

Here is the next prop

Barrel (I assume you can tell what it is though)

Both textures are 512X512, and the meshes are both under 230 polys.

An Axe (72 polys)

Here is the cart ( most poly’s at 384)

Here is a showcase of all of the assets so far

I think that they all look similar.

Those are pretty good. (I’m always more impressed when I see things in perspective view, but that’s just me) i would definitely spare some extra polys for the wheels to make them rounder (and so they’ll actually turn!), and maybe change the texture of the barrel and cart to something more wood-like. The barrel looks like it was carved out of stone due to the lumpy looking texture, and the texture doesn’t look right on the cart. The chest looks much less that way because the texture appears to be toned down more.

Try stretching the barrel/cart texture to get a more elongated wood-grain look, or you can use a very small wood texture file that can be repeated seamlessly. The second option will add very little overhead, and it will allow you to expand on what assets you can make and how varied they will look.

btw, I notice that the hub of the right wheel of your cart has a little bit of the metal texture along its edge. You might want to fix that.

Thanks for all of the suggestions- all of the textures are hand painted in blender and touched up in photoshop, but I will see what I can do, I might just tone down the normal maps to make it less stone like- and I will fix the wheel hub

Here is a different (seamless) texture, not exactly what I want- but is it getting closer to what it should look like

That looks way better. The objects stand out much more than before. The wheels should now work if you decide to animate them.

What’s the poly count on the wheels now? Only about 36 more, right?

The grain in the wood on the wheel tracks is going the wrong way. In real life, the wheels would eventually crack along the grain and make those wheels useless, especially on the rough roads and trails they travelled. You might try making them steel-lined instead. But completely wooden wheels weren’t uncommon either. I don’t mean to tell you what to do. :slight_smile:

Lol, I know all of your things are just suggestions- the grain of the wood was one of my issues with the textures, but it is easily fixed with a new metal or wood texture on the outside.
And now the cart is 432 polys instead of 384- still not too bad.

Here is the updates version of the cart full of stuff, anyone know what other junk I need to add to the cart?

I’m still adding stuff- just slower because of work.

Now there is a sleep pack

Rope (plus extra words)

A couple of books

Here is an overview- including new fences (I need to make seamless textures for the fences).

Here is a plant

Fri and Sat I am going to be away from my computer.

it’s been awhile, I added trees and put more plants around