Modeller Help Needed

I am not sure where to post this so I put it in the General Forum.

I have a 2week window to meet a deadline for a project I am working on and would like some help if anyone is interested.

I can animate the scene, but I need someone to build it for me. I do not have time to build it myself.

I need a moonlit balcony with a table in the center. A burning candle or several candlesticks, and three picture frames on the table. The animation is for a presentation for a wedding.

The first 2 animations will be me focusing the camera on a picture frame to the left and then to the right side of the table showing a picture of either the bride or groom. The camera will move in towards the picture and then fade to the other part of my video I am working on.

The last animation will pull back from a picture of the bride and groom together and will show them being in the same picture frame in the middle of the table.

Anyone that can help with this, would like to see ideas that I have or whatever pease contact me via email. This post is on Dec, 31, 2004 and I need the final model NO LATER than January 14th!! 2005.

Thank You

Jason Allen Bayne
ManOnFire Productions

[email protected]

Are you offering something in return?

I am doing the project free for the couple so I have no monetary compensation, but I may use the individual for upcoming projects in my company and will pay for work done. I am just starting this company so I have not worked out all the details yet.

Like I said this is a project with a quick deadline so I just wanted to throw this out to the community to see if anyone would be interested.

I’ll see what I can do…

well id be glad to help, but your the director so i cant really make the scene for you. but if you put a checklist down of the models neededim sure we’ll all mock in

For quality work, especially with such a tight deadline, you should expect to pay a decent sum for services rendered. For the right price I might be interested.


For the right price, woulden’t we all?

You know, I understand where Zarf is coming from, that time is money and under most circumstances I would agree.

However, I think that this is an exception to the rule. It would be a nice gesture to help out a fellow Blenderhead in a time of need. It sounds like a very small simple project and a joy to work on, and besides it will look great in my resume. :smiley:

JABayne, I would love to help out. How are you delegating this project. You have a few people helping out, but who is doing what? Like who is doing the Moon, who is doing the balcony, who is doing the texturing? Do you have a couple of storyboard drawings to work from? Is it a Tuscan or Spanish balcony?

Item Checklist :

  • A burning candle on a candlestick holder.

  • A marble table (round pedestal type)

  • (3) Three Picture Frames

  • Moon (Full)

  • Clouds

  • Forest Backdrop

  • Balcony


I have no one really delegated as of yet for any of this. Whomever feels they are the best at any one or all of these objects can have a crack at it. I am not looking for the most top of the line quality here, but the better it is of course the better anyone would be happy. If you can only model, or texture, or light, or create backdrops, or particle emitters, please help. As for style and such, I have not set my heart on anything as of yet. I have linked a test render but I am not really happy with how it has turned out. Most of the picture was to get a feel for lighting and mood. I wanted a flame but the particle emitter I made caused the candle to look like it was a bonfire!

Thank you all who are interested, I truly appreciate this.

Jason Allen Bayne
ManOnFire Productions

[email protected]

Ok heres what Ive come up with so fart.

No table and etc. yet. Thats next.
Moon is than next.
Then the clouds. (which I may have a problem with.
Forest shall be relativly easy.
And no textures thats last.

Heres another update before bed.

Looking really good Gryphon. You really jumped head first on this one. Gryphon looks like he will be doing the bulk of modelling and maybe more. If anyone is still interested please contact me via email. I will send you work requests as they come up.

Thank you all for your interest and help.

Jason Allen Bayne
ManOnFire Productions