Modeller: need a modellor to create Alien and face hugger models *POSSIBLE PAYMENTS*

I am looking for potentially one or two modellor to create several models for a game I am creating, the game in question is a cross between a first person shooter and a horror, including much storyline and background information. The game will consist of two sections; an online fast-paced, jump scare shooter and the campaign mode where you go through the storyline of several marines in the future searching a space station that has lost contact with Earth and is infested with Aliens from the movie.
Anyway enough about the game, I will need a facehugger model with walking jumping and various other animations, I will also need an Ovomorph model (egg), a chestburster model, an Alien queen model, and several zenomorph models (Warrior, Drone, Runner, Preatorian). And finally I would need a marine model and lots of gear (weaponry and utility equipment).it is a lot of work, however I am willing to share all profits from the game with my modelling team, you would be looking at something like 25% as it is so much work to do.
If you are interested please get back to me and I will give you the details you need.:yes: