Modeller need !

Hi my name is Dawid I’m making a film and i need looking for somebody who can model a girl. I have concept art yet.

Please help me ! :smiley:

sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Is this a paid job?
If so, what is your budget and what sort of work do you want done? What style? Photorealistic? Will you want it only modeled or also textured, rigged, etc?

I’m doing a short movie and i need some photorealistic characters. If even someone can teach me how to do this, it would be great. :slight_smile:
Of course i need full riged and textured characters, that would be best if done to render in Cycles.

No it’s a free job you can only have my gratitude. I know that no one do this for free, so please how to do full realistic characters.
( i need one woman character and four man for my project ) :slight_smile:

Hey Dawid,

Have you looked into Makehuman yet? It is a freeware program that can create realistic people that are already textured, rigged and can be imported into Blender.

as above I would strongly consider makehuman, for “photorealistic” (or kinda) characters, its really fast, you can make a new character, import to blender, then add clothes, modifiers, and any extra shapekeys you need and start animating in less than an hour…
also theres a fair few makehuman resources available, such as textures, clothing, rigs, shapekeys and proxy meshes, most of which can be used for commercial work.