Modeller required for arcade truck racing game.

Hello, I recently finished designing a game which I now plan to make, though I cannot create and texture models quickly enough or to a high enough standard myself. The project isn’t of a great importance, neither is this my career, though I have about twelve weeks of doing nothing ahead of me so I thought I would make a game. I have been programming for around two years now and will be programming in C# in the free unity 3d engine.

The brief:
The game will have a single-player ‘campaign’ mode and an up to eight player multiplayer mode, though there will be no dedicated servers so the player will have to host the server. In the single-player game, the player will have to take up delivery missions and complete them quickly to gain more money. The player does, however, have the option to “eat” objects along the way using a mouth part. This will earn the player extra revenue and encourage reckless driving. The driving will be arcade-y and drift heavy.

Trucks are constructed by the player by choosing a base truck body and adding parts to it - similar to games such as Kerbal Space Program. Because of this, I would need the modeller to create lots of small models - pieces of trucks - rather than full trucks. Here are the types of parts attachable by players:

Body, Wheels, Horn (Attached radially e.g a clown horn / foghorn), Lights and “mouths”.

The “mouths” will be split into three groups: Literal mouths, Drills and spears. The game would need to have around 5-8 models for each category. You will have a lot of freedom in creating the models because of the arcade theme to the game, so going over the top is welcomed.
I can provide more of the brief through text documents which I wrote up in pre-production.

As mentioned previously, this is not a “job”; it’s something to do to get some experience in the field. If, however, the game is commercially sold (This will only be the case if the game is good enough to sell), you will have the option to take a cut of the profits. I predict that the game will take 1-2 months to create, though this is an estimate at best.

You need to have skype and be able to speak English so that we can effectively communicate. Any experience in 2d art is welcomed but not necessary because the only 2d art in the game is in the GUI - most of which I can source from unity default GUI - and a logo, which could be modelled and rendered anyway.

Thank you for reading.

It sounds very interesting and I would love to help but I’m concerned on your time line, it’s probably because I like to take my time with things so it would probably take me much longer to model them but I do have crazy ideas so PM me and we can discuss!

Sounds interesting but I feel it would take me much longer to make the models and texture them then 2 months because I am a perfectionist but i’m willing to give you a hand, PM me.