Modellers Needed for Film

Hello Everyone!

I have experimented with modeling in Blender for some time now, and slowly realized that I can’t make anything half-way decent no matter how hard I try. A friend of mine is good with animation, and he’s agreed to help me out with that aspect, so now I just need some people willing to help me make models.

I am an aspiring filmmaker, and I run my own “business” so to speak, you can find my work on my website: I’ve been making films for nearly ten years now, and I’ve had nothing but positive “reviews” from everyone I’ve shown my work to. I’m looking into getting my name out into the field by spending my summer filming four feature-length films (to be released on-per-month starting in September). One of my films happens to be based on Star Trek.

Technically, it is classified as a Fan Film, but that makes it sound like its a bunch of thirteen year old kids in their backyard pretending to be Captain Kirk. My film is in no way anything like that. I’ve spent ten months developing the script, and I believe it is one of my best works to date.

Anyway, now to the point - I was originally going to construct my own physical sets, but I lost a month of production time due to unforeseeable circumstances and I am now on a tight schedule. Therefore I will be shooting 90% of the film against a greenscreen (the other 10% takes place on locations), and I am in need of talented Blender modelers to create CGI sets that I can then composite behind the footage of the actors, Starships for the Space Battles and establishing shots, and a few various effects I can’t do myself (I can handle simply phaser and photon torpedo animation using VisionLab, but there are shots where people morph and decay, and other various effects that would be hard to do in VisionLab).

I won’t go into too much detail about the film here, because I’ve been screwed over plenty of times by people who take my ideas and pass them off as their own. So if you wanted to help me “build” CGI sets, or help with any of the other effects, I will supply you with all the information you need (Including the script, storyboards, my notes, etc). All I would need beforehand are photos of your previous work so I can “hire” the people who I think can do the best work. As this is Star Trek, I am (by law) not allowed to pay anyone for their work, but if I like what you’ve done for this film, I will consider paying you in the future for some of my original films that would require CGI work.

I will be working very closely with everyone involved, and if you do wish to help, you will get full credit for everything you work on. I already have a fanbase growing for my films, so this is a great opportunity for anyone to get their name out into the field.

You can reach me at [email protected] or on AIM at Filmhersteller16.

I’m really looking forward to working with some of you - I’ve poked around the galleries and you guys are amazing! :smiley:

Thank You,
Douglas Harvey

PS - Again, I am a very serious and passionate filmmaker, this is not just a cheesy $12 “Fan Film” made by a bunch of kids. I am attending college, working toward my MFA in Film and Television, so as you can tell, I am very serious about what I do.