Modelling 2.8 learner, need some help

Hi all, I’m in the process of doing a drawn to scale assembly of a wood turning lathe and I am stumped on how to go about modeling the fan belt between the head stock and the motor.
I know how to loft the shape with curves but I have no idea how to constrain the belt around the two pulleys


I would use a curve deform on your belt… you can then slide the mesh along, and it move along the curve. The curve is the path of the belt.

Thanks yogyog, you mean modeling a path around both pulleys first ?

Hear is the hole thing in question.

Yep, I’d start with a besier circle, and shape it to the path of the belt. Then make a long thin object for the belt it’s self, and put a Curve modifier on it.

Thanks a lot for your help, I’ ll let you know how I go and by the way I am always open to any tips or suggestions any one may have .

Any help from every one would be very much appreciated.

Actually, I would do some experiments in a new scene first. Curve mods can be a little odd. I find it works best to have both the curve and the belt parented to an empty - otherwise, moving it around can brake it in strange ways.

Thanks for the advise.