Modelling 3 different roses. $20 budget ;)

Hello the community! :facepunch:

I need your expertise to model roses from photos.
There will be 3 different size models.

  1. What is the type of project?
    Only modeling

  2. Are you a company or individual?
    I’m individual. I’m doing this project for my wedding card :love_letter:

  3. What kind of designer are you looking for?
    Any experience level, any special skills, etc. I doesn’t matter as long as you can make it !

  4. What is the deadline? :date:
    8th of July 2019

  5. Description of the project. :rose: :rose: :rose:
    These are artificial roses made of PE foam. I need realistic modeling, with as many polygons as necessary to achieve an artificial flower looking, not a real one. The petals should bend as in the photos and should not cross over each other.
    For more simplicity, you can model the petals individually, as the back of the flower will never be shown in the renderings.

All roses have the same foam thickness: 1mm

There are three sizes of roses:

:rose: SMALL SIZE - 5 cm in diameter:
There are 3 rows of petals, so 15 petals in total.

This is the cutting pattern in the foam that was used to assemble the rose. There are 5 petals per row.

:rose: MEDIUM SIZE - 7cm in diameter
There are 3 rows of petals, so 15 petals in total.

:rose: BIG SIZE - 8cm in diameter
This flower has 4 rows of petals, 20 petals in total

  1. What is the budget?
    $20 for all the 3 roses modelisation. I can pay via PayPal or by Bank Transfert. I can approuve your work from screen captures before payement. :smile:

Thank you very much !!! :pray::white_check_mark:

i am interested dude :smile:… and why do you want to model such of thing? are you wanting to 3d print it?

I will try to do my best, I do not care if you choose my work or not. I’m training and the reason for your wedding seems excellent.

already made one half assed quickly

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Hi! it’s for rendering
I’m just unable to model this kind of thing

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Hello ^^
Someone is already hired for this job…
Thank you to all, you were amazing

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