Modelling [a] car[s]

Would it better to model a car on seperate objects or one whole object?

But you can still mod a rought car then cut part.

separate for sure!

there’s no better way to shoot yourself in the foot trying to model a car than doing it all as one piece.

This could be a poll. If it was a poll, I’d certainly click on the “Seperate” button.

Anyways, if you are out to model a car, you will spend a while getting things right, so trial and error will involved. I’ve never modeled a car before myself, but you may wish to download free car meshes, and you will notice that some of them are separate meshes.

Personally, I usually start off by creating a basic shape that reflects the dimensions of the vehicle, H x W x L. Then depending on the car, I start with either the bonnet/hood or the front quarter panel and work my way back. It’s probably best to use the cut tools to carve out shapes in order to prevent bumps n lumps in your metal work. If you do a google search there are quite a few good tutorials on the subject. (Check out the first WIP link below to see the last car I made.)

Hi there, also you have to think what are you going to do with the model once is finished, lately I’m doing quite a lot of sequences with cars in Blender and for these kind of sequences the best option is keep the model in pieces and group them, then you can handle it has a single model but you have enough control to do what ever you want to do, this is my last scene:

You can watch it in 1080p at youtube.

And this is another example of what I’m talking about when you have to play with many pieces of the car:

But if not altogether, then how can you get the smoothness and flow between each element/part?

two words, snap tools <- learn to love them

I’mma noob. Any help or tuts about them?

You should check out a couple of Jonathan Williamson’s tutorials on . He even has a multi-part tutorial on how to model a car.

By the time you get into details you should have everything split into individual meshes. However, when blocking out the shape I like to use one subdivision mesh for the whole thing. This helps keep your lines flowing smoothly and ensures that tricky surfaces, like the outward curve of the windows, dont end up bubbled out as they will often appear if added as separate pieces from the beginning.