Modelling a Car

Yeah, I’m undertaking a huge project, a Jaguar E-type (long story)…
Well, how would I map a racing stripe to its body? (paint job :wink: ) UV Mapping or what?

What kind of a question is this??? :wink:

Ofcourse UV mapping would be the best way of doing it… :wink:

Also you can use from the UV/Image editor, Theeth’s “Save UV Face layout” (Go to: UV’s–>‘Save UV Face Layout’) script to export the UV layout as a .tga image and get it into photoshop or GIMP for painting work… :wink:

Good luck…

OK, thanks. Are there any good tutorials for UV Mapping? The Blender Guide book’s isn’t all that helpful for me.

Don’t be so patronising Timonides, it’s a perfectly valid question.

As well as UV mapping, you could use a different material index and assign it to a line of faces going down the centre of the body. I think that’s actually the easiest way to do it. Multiple materials are in the manual.

Actually I was joking… I thought it would be obvious with all those “;)” emoticons… :expressionless:

The method you’re describing is the fastest and easiest one, but then again uv mapping has several advantages over other mapping techniques and above all it would be a very educating experience for BGenesis to try it… That’s why I recommend it…

Anyway in case you need any uv mapping tutorials here are some:

-This is an old tutorial and actually oriented towards older versions of Blender, but I think it still can teach all the basics:

-This is the one that got me started also. I recomend it:

-If you find the other two difficult to follow, Modron had posted this thread:

These are all I can come up with, for the moment. I hope you’ll find them useful…

Good luck…