Modelling a car


I’m just wondering - when modelling a car, when it has ‘holes’ in it (like on sports cars), is it best to model over the holes and then come back to them after you have the basic shape of the car?

Or is it best just to model the holes as you come across them?

Also, I tried modelling a hole, and I ended up with lots of triangular faces that when I subsurfed, it created holes in the mesh (at level 2). In what way/how would you recommend doing them?

sorry for the repition of the word holes :slight_smile:

Appreciate any help

By holes you mean air intakes in sport cars? I think it is good to take them into account as soon as possible, because cutting them later may bring some problems.

If you post a big screen dump of your mesh then we can help you a lot better.

I think this is only theoretical question.

That holes on cars are usually (in majority of car designs) affected by the lines and curves of particular car, so thinking about them in the beginning is the same as thinking about the way the edgeloops will flow.