Modelling a ceil/ arch modular design help

i need some tips on how to model ( a fast way) An HI poly ceil that can be modular this what i do

but this don’t satisfy me, it should be more real, some one have tips on how get more bump, or rebuild it with big stone bricks? at he moment the concavity are only sculpted to simulate the brick.

the final objective is for game

Stonework pattern is described here, and here is the illustration:

You could rebuild it, or you could just mark some seams and UV map the bump or displacement like you did so you don’t have to go through the pain of modelling it again.

I did some similar things. Though I just modeled the arches and painted them white as they are not seen. For actual brickwork I probably would go with ajm’s method with bump and texture.
To the modeling point, there are two basic forms:

In both cases the you have to cross two half tubes. Add some loop cuts so each face is more or less quadratic. Remove the vertices that are not visible. This will create a gap where the two tubes intersect. To close this you have to create vertices at the intersection points of the horizontal edges and fill the space.
The gothic arch shape is best created by the following procedure:

  • place the 3D courser on one end point of the arch
  • Create a circle with the radius equal the distance between the two end points and 48 segments
  • Repeat steps 1. - 2. for the other endpoint
  • Remove unnecessary vertices
  • Merge the top verteices of the two arches
  • Merge the end point vertices with the connecting structure.

ok for the low poly barrel vault i’ve already make my own method, the problem is to make an hires model made somehow(and this is the problem) used to bake texture and normal on the low poly, then i export the low poly in udk with the baked texture… maybe this i afternoon i’ll post the blend file at the actual state.

for the gothic vault i’ll try to follow your procedure, cause i didn’t try yet to build a gothic vault, so thanks for second procedure :smiley: