modelling a flat shape

Hi, I have made the outline of a petal using a nurbs curve, and I need to change it into a renderable surface. I have been told that I would be better to start off with a subdivided, subsurfed plane, and cut it to shape, but I cant come up with anything desent using that method. Im not too keen on using an alpha mask either. Im sure there has to be some way of making a flat “cut out” shape with a surface for a material etc. any ideas???


You need to close the nurbs curve to make it a surface. Use the CKEY to cycle the end points closed.

Thanks for that, it was what I was looking for. I then converted it to a mesh so that I could use an armature system to move it around. The only issue I found there was that the only verticies were around the outside, I wish I could subdivide only edges running closest to parrallel to a cirtain axis. Once I put in the armature, it is OK, but the armature needs some fine tuning, so I will leave a new post with a different subject for that.