Modelling a football (soccer) goal?

I’m trying to model a football (or soccer for you americans:)) goal. More specificly I’m having trouble figuring out how to model the netting.

I’d be greatfull if anyone could give me some advice, thanks! :yes:

It’s been done so many times already. Just search the forums

I think the last one I saw was for netting on a ping-pong table or tennis court.

toontje, I wouldn’t have posted without searching first! I’ve already searched for “soccer goal” and “football goal” and nothing comes up that explains how it is done. I would appreciate it if someone could give me some tips…

Just search for net or nets, the general 3 ways that were mentioned was to>
1/ Use an alpha mapped texture. (wood I think)
2/ Use the array modifier.
3/ Use The Solid Wire Script. (in the scripts section in blender)
Possibly the wire script could give you better options to deform the net using soft selection.

I have to apologize. I haven’t read you post correctly. I thought you meant soccer ball.
For the netting of the goal you’ll have to ask yourself: How will it show in the render? Is it up close or far away? Because if you are taking a long shot, it doesn’t make sense took build a heavily detailed goal. Likewise you should a very detailed goal net if you are planning to make an extreme close up shot.

But being a goal, I guess you’ll be making long shots of it.

Thanks m.a. and toontje! I think I’m going to be using mainly long-shots, as this will be easier. I think I’ll try using an alpha-mapped texture for now, and see how that turns out…

Alpha mapped was my first thought to.

After you get through with the modeling, make sure you learn how to make softbodies. It’s very easy and will make your net look much more realistic (especially if it’s animated). Here’s a good tutorial I found: