Modelling a Golf Ball - Round Dimples

I’ve seen some tutorials for modelling a golf ball in Blender, and they all seem to have hexagonal dimples - which is okay, but not particularly realistic. Does anyone have a preferred way to model an awesome looking golf ball?
I’ve thought about a bump map, but I have no idea how to do this, or even if it would be the right way to go.
PS - I’m only moderately skilled with blender, so I would really appreciate not being to technical.

Well with a subsurf you can get much rounder holes, also maybe using ‘To Sphere’ (ALT SHIFT S) on the holes will round them off,

Like you im not great so this may not be good enough, To bump map i believe all you do is create the texture, either procedural or image based, and uncheck ‘Colour’ and check ‘Nor’ in the texture panel. then adjust the slider, also their are some settings slightly below that for bump mapping. so create a dotted texture and apply it to a material and do the above i think.

Hope this helps

This is a texture map for a golfball. It’s very old. I had to convert it from IFF format from the Amiga. I’ve used it in several projects and it works well. Just spherically map it onto a sphere as a bump map.

You just made me realize how many of my CD and DVD disks no longer contain information that they once did. Lots of old projects may have just vanished. (Don’t back things up to CDs and DVDs)

I’ve found a similar image, and applied it and it looks pretty good. However, there seems to be a “seam” where the map looks funny. Like a little strip where the map is missing. Are there any other settings I need to be aware of? I’ve tried removing doubles from my sphere (none were found) and flipping normals, yet the seam remains. I’ve brought the bump map into photoshop, and it lines up perfectly with itself (no seam). Thoughts?

EDIT: seems like by changing the bumpmap method at the very bottom of the “influence” tab to “compatible”, my seam has gone away. I have no idea what this setting does, but by randomly messing with it, problems seem to go away.

Im not sure exactly but i remember watching a tutorial on texture painting, where you can ,like in photoshop, select a section of the texture on your model, and clone it, then use that to blur and mismatch the seam where the picture wraps in on itself

I have another solution:p, one that does not fake geometry-bump/normal maps, I used a displacement modifier. will include the .blend file in next post. (I don’t feeling like doing a long rant on how I did it:RocknRoll:)

lookin good

gotta love blender - always different ways to do things

Ditto on that…:cool:

The only way my model could be used is in high res renders, not for games and such-for that you should use a normal/bump map :yes:

The .blend file and a wire frame…

golf ball.blend (734 KB)

well there was a gulf ball tutorial on noob to pro
but cannot acces it anymore !

anybody knows why ?

one way would be to add some 1/2 sphere for the dimples and use dupliface !


i like it, rickyblender!

can’t get it to work with duplifaces, but ok with dupliverts

gets crowded at the “poles”


same principle with dupiface!

but with dupliface there is no “rotation” option so the 1/2 spheres all face the same way

you could also scramble the faces to get random location

how do you do that?

i tried icosphere, but problem with orientaion of 1/2 spheres …

there is a way check the F7 panel for constaint

and it should work

mind you same thing with particules also and there is a rotation for face on that one too!

i’ll try if i have time tomorrow to make a test on a sphere


Could you use that image I uploaded as a displacement map?

The problems I’m seeing here is the placement of the dimples. They shouldn’t be placed in even rows, or you end up with Steeve’s example. JSM’s example looks correct on one side of the ball, but the dimples are overlapping at the seam.

Dense enough tessellated sphere and model the dimples.

seems to be wokring fine with duplivert or dupliface!

but then if you make real how do you get to make all the faces between the 1/2 sphere and the big gulf ball faces?

or do you cut one section then make faces and then use spin dup to make it !


I could not get the image that you posted to work(it distorted no matter what mapping technique I used. So I created my own texture. Do the dimples overlap in the .blend file? because I thought I fixed that. :frowning:
I just did not correct my example screenshots accordingly.:rolleyes:

Using a bump map: