Modelling a gravity well

Hi all,

I’m trying to model a gravity well. See below for an example.

I’ve tried using a shrink wrap modifier + a sphere to pull the surface of a plane down. Too messy.

I’ve tried using a displacement modifier and a gradient image, but the texture looks too rough.

Does anyone have any tips? The result I’m aiming for is an elastic surface. I’ve avoided using softbody because I don’t want the physics - this is for animation and I don’t want the material to be affected by gravity.


Add a plane
Subdivide it a number of times.
Select the centre vertex
Enable proportional editing (shortcut O)
Move the vertex down (G Z)
Use your scroll wheel to adjust the proportional editing falloff size

A hook would work best for animation. It would be like the sphere and shrinkwrap I suppose but more predictable.

Thanks for the quick responses. This is helpful, I’ll try it out.

Ah, the good old bowling ball on a trampoline model…