modelling a hamtaro


i am trying a hamtaro but i dont know how to
model the feets arms and ears and parts on the face (noise mouth en eyes ).
this is the model so far.
if anyone would have a better way for moddelling it as it is now i like to hear it :slight_smile:

hamtaro model

just go ahead! extrude some arms. and a mouth. it’s at first a matter of trial and error.

may be this tutorial could help you.

nice start ^^
try to cut out the eyes and parts for ears… select the faces which you want to delete and press X and select faces :wink:

I can make a tutorial for you using your model if you want to…

PS: a reference for you

thanx i think a tutorial would help
i try with the ears but they dont look so well :s ill post the 2 files on the forum
and you see whats wrong with it.

hmm it stil dont seems good ill upload them so you see whats wrong

(i dont know or the shape is good but i try to made it as good a i could )
i used the mirror en shinkwrap modifier but i seems to have some problems now (i have double lines and its realy dificul to remove them)

also when i apply it then the ear will look a bit strange ?
this are the 2 files
1 with shrinkwrap modifier still on
and with the other i apply the modifier

ok i found some problems because there were a lot of double faces… i’ll make your tutorial now and here’s thel upload of the new repaired file


mousse.blend (423 KB)

thanx i look forward to the tutorial :slight_smile:

ok, the tutorial is online

and the new blend file


hamtaro.blend (736 KB)

wow this is a realy good tutorial :o
tomorrow i try to make it complete but now i looked at this totorial i think it will work out perfect :slight_smile:

o one question when you have a triangle how do you clear that ? i cant get it away :s
like on the cheeks there where triangles you did it away but i dont know how

you have to join 2 tris to one quad … for that use “ALT+J” you have to merge or subdivide some faces to get all fitting tris…

but i’m a bit lazy at this point, everyone calls tris bad but i think at some points you need them … (2 or more loops will end in one)


i folowed the tutorial and got a realy nice hamtaro i realy like the face :slight_smile:
but the texturing and rendering wont work out fine.
the nose is the same collor as the body and it needs to be black ? the eye’s got a diffrent collor cause its a difrent part so thats no problem.
also i try the feets and arms but i dont know or they that good :s
and when i try to add a lamp it wont appear ? so i cant render not good and the camera wont move too :s

this is the file how it is now

Blackcat thanx for the nice tutorial :slight_smile: thanx to that i got this far :slight_smile:

anyone who can help ?

bump i still need a bit help how do i get that nose black and how come i cant grab my camera or light ?

Hey… In order to apply a different color to the nose there are 2 ways of doing it … the easiest one is to grab all the faces you want to modify in color and hit “P” to separate those faces … you’ll end up with a new object… once that is done just simply assign a new material to it and then select this mesh and the whole mouse and hit “ctrl+j” to join them together… then you can leave it like it is if your just planning on rendering it , other wise if you want it to be contected with the whole mesh just select all the faces and hit “W” and choose remove doubles, that will merge all the vertices that occupy the same space leaving you with a complete mesh with no “holes” in it… (I actually think it looks better without merging the vertices)…

And to be able to move the ligthing and camera you just need to go back to global view (since the scene is in local view)… you do that by hitting on your num pad “/” or by going to your 3d view tabs/panels and choose “VIEW” >“VIEW GLOBAL/LOCAL”…

I hope I was helpful and not so confusing…

hey thanx i got everyting back worked :slight_smile:
just 1 question hamsters cats and dogt have a few long hairs on their nose (i dont know how that word is called in english :p) but do i just need to ewtrude a verticy for that ?

you can do that.
an easier way may be adding a particle system (hair) for the nose.

  1. way: you have a seperate object for the nose -> then add a particle system with hair
  2. way: you only have one object (like in the version i did) -> you first have to add a vertex group and weight paint the nose “red”. Then add the particle system only for that group ^^ (it’s pretty far down in the new menu of 2.5)

i hope i could help ^^

how do i add a vertex group ? sorry its probaly not difficult but i cant find how to do that ^^

i still dont know how to do it :s
hope anyone can help