modelling a head

Hey guys, Well im a noob and i need some some guidance on how to model the head and face. Any tips and tricks?:eyebrowlift:

Heres what ive come up with so far… Do i add more vertices or do i use the least amount and subsurf. Oh and how do you make it so that it subsurfs properly. Sometimes it over does certain areas.


First, I would box model (model a basic face with a cube and subsurf as you go), but you can do any way, but that’s easier for me. You should start basic box, subsurf, crease, apply, add detail, subsurf, crease, apply, etc. this is easy and effective for me, I don’t know about you. Second, to decrease the amount of subsurf on certain ares, in edit mode, select the edges or faces to crease (lone vertices don’t crease) and press shift+E and drag you mouse in and out until it’s good and left click or press enter to confirm.

ahk thanks bro, yeah i did start off with a cube. ahm what does creasing do to the model exactly? (sorry noob remember) and should i subsurf as i go along… meaning whenever i complete a certain stage?.


Hey there. I got to this stage. I ran into a problem in sculpt mode thought. For some reason when i try to brush/sculpt a mouth random holes appear near the nose.

yeah… how do i fix this?

That´s because the Z axis simmetry is on.
The axis simmetry hotkeys (in sculpt mode ) are “x”,“y”,“z”.
I thing you are trying to sculpt too soon.You first need to have a good low poly before adding subdivision for sculpt.

But there´s a better method I recently used.
You first create a 32 subdivision sphere and add more subdivision.
Then you sculpt until you get more or less the shape you need,very few detail.
Then you create a new plane and start modelling (poly to poly) a low poly using RETOPO an MIRROR modifier.Always in orthographic view.And the new polys will be on the surface of the first sphere.
Once you finish you can add subdivisions to the new face and make details with sculpt.

Check out the RETOPO tool documentation because you can also draw the polys by hand and transform into polys.(Paint Button,appears once Retopo Button is on)

I tried to upload a PFD in spanish but i haven´t been able

When you learn how to model, try beginning with basic things.

You want to model a body, start with the spartan armor.
You want to model a body, start with the gladiator movie’s helmet.

Try first to get a basic sense of things.

Thats how I started. Its not easy at the beginning but you will learn things faster then you think.

Good luck.

thanks for that GEKKONIDAE and thanks for the replies. So today i got this much done:yes:

How should i make this better. I tried messing around with the cheeks to sort of shape the jaws but it didn’t work out very well.

Try this link:

Try to follow this and you shoulde come a long way. Alot of modeling is all about polygon control, AGood luck!