Modelling a human torso (image heavy).

In lieu of actually delivering a human modeling tutorial, here are some images that basically outline my technique for modeling a torso. It’s no where near complete, and won’t make sense unless you’ve used Blender and are a competent modeler. I’m using a mirror modifier throughout. Anyways, hope it helps.

Hope it helps!

Thanks, its really helpful

Amazing! Thanks for this.

No problem. I know when I started modeling people, I really had no idea how to set up the geometry, so I posted this as something that would have really helped me.

By the way, it’s really not clear from the images, but the way I created the pecks and abs was by simply extruding the faces, then scaling them. The level of detail of adding the abs is probably not necessary with pixel shading, but if you’re game still uses vertex shading, it may be worth while.

Can you make a tut on modeling legs and arms, as an addition to this?

How’d you add more than 6 images to one post?

Upload them on Photobucket then click this button in the BA forums and paste in the URL of the image.

Great modeling technique!
Thanks! It looks like I could do it, finally :slight_smile:

I got the body without any reference pictures. It’s not bad, I just copied yours, but I have NO idea how to do legs or arms. LOL.

If you’d like, you could post it here for some C&C.

Alright. I tryed to make weird chest armor, sort of like yours, but it looks weird.


Can you post .blend? or the reference pictures? If you did im not seeing them

This is really good though.I love your works

I didn’t really use reference here beyond very basic proportions, but here’s a .blend. Still a WIP. I’m not even sure if I’ll do anything with it.

Thanks for the resource Dim. It would be great if you could expand on this a bit, include the arms. I am mainly a fan of your great texture work. Keep it up!

Awesome, this is a good reference for making characters.

And yeh arms would be a good addition, plus hands of course. :confused: There the tricky bit…

I think that the hardest thing to find is the human refrence drawings… or any refrence drawings for that matter.
I did a bunch of looking a while back, and I found like 80 or so of them on the GI-JOE vehicles, that was cool!

Nice job, you outlined exactly how I HAVE to do it, cause i cant to it bye eye… LOL


Here’s a good place for female reference:

Hey, I kinda copied your pants and stuff.

Ah, how do you do the legs, arms, and hands? lol

awesome work thou!

It’s not hard at all, just extrude, rotate, scale and repeat! The hands might get a bit tricky, but you can always just make one finger, duplicate it five times, scale them, move them around a bit, connect them and fill in the blank spots.