Modelling a knight piece in chess, need help.

So I modeled all the other pieces by adding a beizer curve, then going in to edit mode and extruding it around half the outside. Then I used the spin technique, and was able to get all of the pieces, except for the knight.

I’ve tried extruding to get the knight, but whenever I get to the head it starts looking all weird.

I’m wondering if there is an easier way, tutorials, or anything that could help me.

Thank you all for your time!

look at where the knight’s mirror axis are : there’s one on the frontal/dorsal part of him and I think that’s it. Add a mirror modifier there.
Next, look at what parts you need to model. A mesh would probably work better in this case.
Use cntrl clicking extrude (or just a simple E extrude) to make a question mark- looking object.
Next, sharpen up the top and the bottom so they look good. … I think I added a crook or two more than needed in mine. you can also add a circle mesh of 12 at the bottom and link your top part if you REALLY want to make it look good.

that’s about it.
here’s a PDF of a chess making in real life if you need more help :

Hi, thanks for the reply. I’ve tried extruding it up, and this is where I’ve got

This is what it looks from the side , which I imagine is fixable?

Where do I go from picture one? Am I doing it right?


i have an old blend with a knight in it somewhere, i can’t seem to find it though. i will post a wire if i find it.

i have not been able to find my knight. I found an older one, but the topology isn’t so great. i would try doing a search of the forum, because i know there are a few chess sets that have been done here. perhaps one includes a wire render. on thing i can tell you though, is that the nose on the one in the video is too pointy. the nose on my knight was more a simple cube shape, and it came out well once subsurfaced.

I’ve done some searching, but wasn’t able to find anything I could use as a reference. I’ve also google searched for tutorials, and nothing. Any suggestions? Thanks.

i’ll make a quick example and post a wire.

ok, this was very quick, so there are alot of issues with it, but it’s pretty simple, and it should provide a good basis upon which to improve. like making the ears better, giving him eyes, etc. and then perhaps doing some scupting on him and generating a normals map.

Could you send me that knight as a .obj so I could use that as a reference please?

i’m sorry but i already deleted the file, i can make you a similar one though.
(edit) actually i think i can recover the file…one moment
(edit) dang no such luck, no problem though, I can do it again pretty quickly

here is a near duplicate of the illustration i made in the form of a .blend file. sorry but i don’t think .obj files can be posted as attachments.(edit) i did the mane a bit differently on the second one.
horsie1a.blend (346 KB)

Wow! That’s really good, thanks so much!