Modelling a knot


I was wondering if anyone could give me a hint or a tutorial on how to model a knot in Blender3d. For example I would like to model a “standard knot” (I don’t know the name of the knot, but I mean the knot everyone uses when tying his laces) and I do want the surfaces of the “lace” to touch.
The problem is not to model something which looks like a lace, but to model it in a way that it actually is shaped like a real knot.


Tried Extrude Along Path?
All you have to do do then is to tweak your Bezier Curve so that it looks like a knot.

Tweaking the path is exactly the problem. Again, I do want the surfaces of the lace to “touch”. Doing this by hand seems very tedious to me. Especially when it comes to much more complicated knots.

Maybe something like a physics engine could help?


Have you tried with the screw thing ?

Here is an example. Not exactly a lace, but gives an idea.

Hope it will help.

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What about a quick search on this forum…

I have already tried the second method and it works nice. So, maybe it can get you started on your own modelling, even if it’s not exactly what you’re looking for.