Modelling a Lens (PMMA, Refraction) Help

Hi All,

New Blender user here. Bare with me. :slight_smile:

I have a lens created in Freecad, imported into Blender. I’ve been attempting to model the refractive index and transparency of PMAA (approx 1.485 and 0.93 respectively).

I sort of managed to set these to lens, moved the camera into place and tried a few light types to mimic the red LED which sites just behind it. When doing so I get some refraction but the center pieces are opaque. Thinking this was to do with being able only to see reflections I stuck a panel in front and moved the camera to view that, but now there’s nothing to see.

I’ve attached the .blend file, could anyone with a moment to spare sort it out? I can then study the settings and see what was done. Ultimately I have two aims,

  1. to ensure the light is going out horizontally with little vertical refraction and to view spread (all via the front plane)

  2. to ensure light isn’t reflected backwards (reduced efficiency). I’m unsure how easy this is with Blender, but perhaps a second plane behind it?

Many thanks - it’s quite important I turn the gestimate lens into something with a reasonable chance of success as the plastic mould costs aren’t cheap!


Andrew, UK


untitled.blend (3.21 MB)

I managed to get the lens to show refractive properties but not to pass the light onto a plane. It’s as if the lens is ignored.

tracability.blend (3.19 MB)