Modelling a limestone cavern and foundations of a castle for a game

Ok so the title says it all really.

In this game, the player walks down some spiral stairs inside one of the support pillars of the castle and comes out into a cavern.

I have the pillar and stairs sorted. So how do i create an encapsulated cavern? What i would need is a cavern floor, walls, and then the foundation of the castle partway out of the ceiling.

so far i created a plane, and sculpted it using multi-resolution. so if you imagine i have a floor, with some geometry on it. How would you create the walls? and the ceiling? extrude from the plane?? I have never done enviroment modelling before, and my modelling skills arent great yet.

Also if this is successful, how do i go about making the sculpted Mesh look good low-poly? Im not really to sure about normal mapping, i have followed some tutorials but for some reason i still dont quite get it.

So really all im asking for is, ‘How would you go about modelling this?’

Thanks for any help

Please, Any help would be much appreciated


What does your model look like so far…


Hey thanks for replying

I modelled the floor originally, it had much more geometry on it, but i couldnt think what do do for the walls and roof so i just dupilicated the floor and put it above and connected it…It doesnt look very good

I will spend a good amount of time on it when i know how to do it well. and have an idea about how to complete it, at the moment im just messing trying to figure it all out

I cant put the .Blend in as it is too big. But essentially what i have is a subdivided plane, that i sculpted onto, then i duplicated it and put it above as the roof, and then connected it to create the walls. but it doesnt look very good.

How would you model it?


A pictures worth a thousand words, do a screen grab, just hit print screen on your key board create a new image in photoshop[ or Gimp to the resolution of your monitor then paste the screen grab into it (which will be in the systems memory), scale it down and attach as a compressed jpeg.

Without seeing a pic I would suggest making the base models within your vert count limit and then sculpt in the extra details and bake the normal map to the base mesh, It will take practice to learn but you will eventualy get it just start on something easy like normal mapping a sphere and once you understand the process apply it to your project.

Make a perspective drawing of what you’d like to model, and post it here. Someone will be able to help you model it. It doesn’t have to be a great drawing, but you do need to be able to draw what you want to model. Many times people struggle with modeling something because they are trying to “find” the form at the same time they are trying to figure out how to model it. I don’t always draw models, but I usually have a clear idea of what I’m trying to model. If I struggle too long, I take a step back, and make some sketches.

Edit: Attached an inspiration image.

Hey guys thanks for the help,

I have managed to make this cave, It is only the floor and is my first attempt at many things including sculpting, normal mapping, AO maps etc. so its not great

But it has around 5k faces so is ok for game i think

This is going to be a large enviroment, so much much much larger then the character, who will be inside it for a while.

Critique Welcome, although please go easy,

Also i have a couple of questions, this is going to go into Unity. (maybe just as placeholder for a better model later on)

How do i create the walls and Ceiling? do i model them the same way? or can i do some kind of Image? as the character will never really be that close to them

Also i have scaled up the Model after baking normal maps etc, does this cause stretching? shall i make the object the size i want before i bake the images?

And am i completly off base or am i on the right track with this? (modelling talent aside)

THanks for any help