modelling a logo

Hi Blender heads.

I’m new to Blender, have done some tutorials and now making baby steps trying to understand the modelling process.
What Id like IF possible is, if anyone can do a Video tutorial how they would model the logo with their techniques.
Im sure Ive stuffed up all the way, I was trying to think how someone would go on about to model the logo. I’ve attached
a file if you want to have a look what Ive done. Also I tried to add a mirror modifier to get a symmetric look to the logo, but the mirror modifier was merging the shape inconsistently, I think it was because the origin(gizmo) was at a wrong position.


logo (73.5 KB)

For what concern the origin and how to move it at the center of a symmetry for the mirror modifier :

  • In Edit Mode
    In your model select a vertice or an edge that is at the center of your wanted symmetry and press SHIFT+S , then select “Cursor to Selected” (or click on Mesh -> Snap -> Cursor to Selected)

  • In Object Mode
    In the toolshelf (the panel to the left of the 3D View) click on the button labelled “Origin” , then in the popup select “Origin to 3D Cursor”

It will have moved the origin of the model to the 3D Cursor location.
You can now use the mirror modifier without problem.

Sometimes logos are created as .SVG files (e.g. Illustrator, Inkscape), and these can be imported.

curves is probably the easiest way, but to make it out of nice even polygons by hand is probably the best way.