Modelling a Longboard

Good Evening,
first of all I’m going to introduce myself, I’m an italian architecture student (sorry for my english) , and this year we’ve approached to 3d modeling and rendering using blender.
during these months we’ve trained using the basic commands and for the exam we need to produce some renders using them.
one of them asks to produce a wheeled vehicle.
i’ve choose a longboard skateboard and the result is this.

well, i’m not a “blenderartist” but i’m proud enough for my work, anyway “I WANT MOOOOORE”.
i’ve some doubt to the best way to model the board. to model that I’ve started from a bezier curve for the external shape than duplicated, mirrored and joined. little bit of extrusion and voilà. well, as you can see is not a photorealistc render, but i think that te worst part is the wood board. it looks too “fake”. i’ve tried to apply a bevel to the edges (after convert the curve to mesh). but nothing happens.
another problem is that the boards are “stratified” and on the external edge you can see the different kind of wood, so i’ve tought to stratify the board using duplicates of the same shape one above the others. is that a good idea?

please, give me some suggestion.


I’m relatively new to Blender as well, but I would probably approach this starting with a cube, subdivide a couple of times, apply a subsurf modifier, and then start tweaking the shape. To get more rounded edges, you could put in a couple of edge loops and then shape the edges a bit.

As for the sides, I’ve done a wooden board before and when I UV unwrapped it, I used a different texture on the sides. I had to find an image of wood from the side and ends instead of just the top. Try to find a set of textures that are of the same piece of wood, otherwise it won’t match up.

To get more realistic wood, apply a bump map as well, but be careful not to overdo it. You want just enough to give it a slight texture. You might want to bump map the ground also.

Looks good so far!

i’ve just done a simple try and, it’s a lot easier to obtain a good result. in 5 minutes i got my new board, i’ve to work on it just a little bit more… thanks a lot

Looks great. The board and especially the wheels however look like you took them out of the rack. Try adding some wear & tear to make the material look more interesting.

First of all, thanks at both two. at the moment i’m rendering the scene for an HQ sample. btw, as you can see in my first attachement, i’ve applied a strong DOF…with photoshop, yes, because i’ve tried a lot to do that by the compositor but i can’t figure out hw to mix the different layers. i’ve divided the scene in 3 layers, one for the board, close up and focus, one for the ball and the sidewalk edge, and the last for the third plane, completly out of focus for house, trees and “wallpaper”. when in the compositor i mix them i obtain a big mess…which nodes i’ve to use to composite a good “depth of field effect”?

that’s the actual scene, new lights. new board (inspired by this