Modelling a maze

I am looking to create a sort of marble tilting game of a similar nature to this:

If i was to model it in Blender, would a mass of rectangles and cubes be the best/simplest way to go about it? Im sure there are many ways to skin a cat, but I am sort of just after a nice easy model to create for a small game for me to make in DirectX.

Thanks for any help given!

Hi !
See this link :

Thanks for the link! Not a bad start.

I was thinking of a little different feature where there can be holes made in the maze (like drilling out holes). Is this easily done in blender?

(i have not yet done research on this, it just popped into my head :slight_smile: )

If you want the holes, you can boolean

Do you have any links to help with the “boolean” techniques?

Thanks for the reply! Sorry for my delay

Hi, you might want to give JMS work a shot:

It’s a 3D and 2D Mazegenerator (.blend).

You can check these out:

Under “Modeling Problems”, there are 2 video tuts showing how to create holes by boolean, by hand, and by using curves.

Good luck!

Thanks DarkDays66, thats a big help.

Also, 3D-Penguin, thanks, but I would really like to make it myself, even if it is a bit dodgey, I feel like I learn a lot better when forced to do this stuff myself.