Modelling a microphone

I’m building a microphone. I’m thinking about the best way to create a certain part of it and I’d like hear some suggestions from you.
My ideas:
building the mesh and using the array-modifier (in combination with the lattice-modifier) to deform the mesh, or the curve modifier (in combination with the shrink-wap modifier). I think this is a very time-consuming method?!

Or can I get away with a texture? I want a very clean, convincing result.

How would you do it?

depends on how close your camera is going to get to the mike. If not so close, e.g. a head and torso shot of a performer using the mike, then use a texture. If you need a closeup like the pic you posted, then probably best to model it (it looks like you could model a characteristic part and then use array modifier or spin it)


there is also a grill OSL shader somewhere!

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