Modelling a Modern Slaughterhouse


I’m creating a third-person horror-adventure game taking place in a modern slaughterhouse, a realistic scene of several large rooms with human employees wearing aprons and hard hats and animations using various tools on the assembly line, hydraulic equipment, and boilers in the floor below. The game will bring awareness to the conditions of modern animal agriculture. For the genre, think BioShock meets Tombraider.

In case you’re into creating 3D architecture and machinery, most of the gameplay meshes are thus low-poly with realistic proportions, with also an opportunity for higher-poly beginning and end sequences if you’re into cinematography, as well as a few sound effects, voice clips and anything you’d like to contribute that would fit the scenario. I love Blender, have done over a half-dozen major game projects in it and am now developing all the assets therewith.

The beta, with a full sequence getting from one end of the building to the other, is to be ready by the first of August. I have blueprints and a full description of each room and section, and at this point have the protagonist models complete and animating as well as about half the detail of the overall map. You can also supplement ideas for the game design, such as what objects to knock over to get from one section to the next while avoiding the enemies and finally make your way out.

You can contact me at [email protected] with your area of interest.