modelling a muzzle for a fantasy creature

Hello, I am using Blender to create human characters, this got a bit boring over the time and I want to try something new and more creative to work on my blender skills.

What I am trying to create is some kind of feral fantasy creature. As references I am looking at at the main characters from the video game series StarFox, but pictures from the Furry community are helping me to visualise this art style as well.

This is a good example about the kind of muzzle that I want the character to have.

My problem is that I don’t know how I would start to work on this. I already have a basic human head mesh that I want to work from, but everytime I am trying to extrude the muzzle out it just looks like some kind of weird duck nose.

This is the basic head mesh I want to modify.

Are there are any kinds of techniques that would help me with this? Any kind of help and advise is very much appreciated and thanks in advance!